The GO MasterCard is a part of Latitude’s (then GE Money) own credit card product. Working alongside with the in-house department consist of UX, project managers and developers, my main task is to design the app for the product and to present them to the internal stakeholders. This was also turned out to be a part-consulting project.


Visual Design




The onboarding process show 4 of the main features of the app - How secure the app is, viewing detailed user’s account, where to find interest-free stores and any latest offers.


The first thing users see in this app is account page. Due to the restrictions of how the accounts were built (mobile web view), we couldn’t really control the stylesheets. Although the menus and tab bar were built separately.


This feature was actually already existed on the old app but we revamped the UX slightly and redesigned the UI completely to make it modern and follow iOS’ Guidelines. The main idea of this feature is to look up interest-free stores that are associated with GE/ Latitude’s product. Users can find by product category, store name or location.


This tab shows any informations about the GO MasterCard - from settings, contact page and terms & conditions