Based in Tokyo, Japan - TerraTalk is an English learning app where users can pick different topics based on real-life scenarios and practice their English by speaking to an AI as if they’re talking to a real person. I’m responsible for most of the work including the overall user experience, prototyping and designing the product to testing.


UX, Motion & Design




2016 - 2017


I work as a Product Designer for a startup software company that mainly does an English learning app called TerraTalk. In terms of the work flow, I work closely to the CEO of the company, which for this project also acts as the Product Owner and also alongside the developers to get this app up and running.

This was rather an interesting project for me in general because being English technically a second-language, I get a bit of insight based on past experiences in learning English.

I had joined the company a few months after the initial designs and branding were done. One of the things that we wanted to tackle after I joined in was the big dropping out factor. Users missed out on the most important feature of the app, which is the speaking mode. From the data we gathered, we found out that a lot of users dropped out due to the lack of informations about the app.

I suggested and experimented using an onboarding system to give a little snippets about TerraTalk and what it does for users. This way users will know what they’re actually signing up for.


Learning a new language is hard. Speaking using the new language IS even harder. Nervousness and feeling embarassed get in the way, and TerraTalk helps to overcome those issues.

TerraTalk’s content team includes people who are at least billingual, and that certainly helps in creating content. By choosing hundreds of the available list, users are able to practice their English conversational skills as if they are speaking to someone in real life situations.

TerraTalk’s speaking mode offers a normal and voiceless mode. Our main target audience being Japanese, commuting is part of (almost) everyone’s lifes. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we created a voiceless mode where users can use keyboards to answer the questions instead of using voice. This way users will still be able to learn English on-the-go and privately without disturbing other commuters.


TerraTalk is available both on iOS and Android - the iOS version can only be downloaded on the Japanese App Store but the Android version can be downloaded worldwide. Because of this reason,  we needed to support non-Japanese speakers as well.

The base of the designs are done in English, and when it’s all good to go the in-house team localised the rest of the copy.


One of the earliest concepts I’ve done for the grading system. There are a total of 3 trophies - bronze if a user gets more than 4 incorrect answers, silver if a user gets 2 incorrect answers and gold if a user gets 0 - 1 incorrect answer.


Everyone has different difficulties in learning a language, so Drill comes with the essentials - improving users’ listening skills by listening to vocabulary cards, improving users’ pronounciation skills, and expanding users’ vocabulary.